What does free for profit mean?

It means that the beat is free to use in your song as long as you credit me. The song you make with the beat can be posted on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, and you can earn profits from it. 

However, if you can afford it it is smart to buy a license. Some distributors require you to have a license for the beat, and a license is also good to have in case you run into any copyright issues with your track.

If you use Distrokid to post your song, it would be cool if you gave us a percentage using my mail 5Eleven@5Elevenent.com.

How can I credit you?

For YouTube & Soundcloud we would prefer  to be credited within the title  (prod. 5Eleven). On Spotify, Apple Music etc., there is an option to credit the producer when distributing.

I posted a song with your beat, but it got copyrighted, what do I do?

If your song gets claimed you can dispute the claim within the platform. If its claimed by us on YouTube you will just get a copyright claim not a strike. We do this so nobody steals our free for profit beats. If you purchased a lease with us send us a email and we will release the claim. 

For Spotify, Apple Music etc. Email your distributor or direct contact to the DSP's.

What is your ASCAP P.R.O info to register our split percentages ?

Writer/Producer : Devin Derrell Burton - IPI Name Number #606324475

Publisher: 5Eleven Entertainment LLC - IPI Name Number #378560228

Can I buy exclusive rights for one of your beats?

Yes email us at 5Eleven@5elevenent.com or send offer within Beatstars platform of selected beat.

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